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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yes, I am angry

Macon County Republican recently posted this
I've been reading posts on Decatur Conservative and blogdecatur where there have been "discussions" with regard to differences between democrats and republicans. Many topics have been discussed, but I've detected one recurring theme. Regardless of the topic, I've noticed the democratic posters tend to be fairly angry, and in some cases, down right nasty. Why the anger? Is it just a personality trait, or something else?
As if we need to explain a reason why we are angry with this Congress and President, well here are a few reasons why I am angry.
  • Because I have to worry about friends and loved ones dying because of a war based on false intelligence.
  • Because this president and this congress have consistently sided with corporate interests over everyday Americans.
  • Because of the "national" importance that Terri Schiavo might die, when I have friends who have died because they can't afford the best medical care or the right drugs, and anyone thinking they should be provided with that are pinko commies.
  • Because my government thinks they should have the right to come into my life and tell me who I can and cannot marry.
  • Because the radical right is trying to create a theocracy in this country.
  • Because this president and this congress think the idea of majority rule minority rights is BS, when 8 short years ago they were pulling worse antics.
  • Because you can get impeached for getting a blowjob, but not for letting thousands of people, American and others, die needlessly.
  • Because this President and this Congress chant ceaselessly Support the Troops Support the Troops, while they screw the veterans.
Am I angry? You're damn right I am. What makes you angry?