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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Evans gives nod to Hare

Late this afternoon Congressman Lane Evans threw his support behind his long-time aide, and familar face to Decatur, Phil Hare. I'll have more plus a link to an article about this later. The latest is that the new candidate will be picked by the 700 some committeeman of the 17th district. I can't believe the headache in organizing that. But I am a populist, so power to the people!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Feel free to leave your favorites concerning Lane. Be they stories, quotes, or anything else. He has a bunch. Me personally:
I'd rather have FDR in a wheelchair than Ronald Reagan on a horse.


WASHINGTON — Rep. Lane Evans, who has battled Parkinson’s disease for more
than a decade, has told fellow Illinois Democrats here that he intends to
announce his retirement from Congress.
Evans, who was hospitalized for a
brief period in February, had not cast a vote in the House since Feb. 14 and had
not reported to work in his Washington office for more than a month. He began
informing members of the Illinois delegation today and plans to make a public
announcement as soon as this afternoon. […]
A spokesman for Evans could not
immediately be reached for comment. But three officials from the Illinois
delegation confirmed that Evans, 54, had told party officials of his decision to

This is a sad day for the 17th district. For 22 years Lane Evans has carried our banner in the D.C. Say what you will about the man, but don't disrespect him. Republican or Democrat he served us all.

Lane's retirement will create huge movement in the 17th district. Top contenders right now in my eyes:

1. Boland

2. Sullivan

3. Jacobs Old or Young

But seriously, everyone that is anyone will have their name mentioned in the next week. Most of them will make you scratch your head and say what.

Your thoughts on who the front runners are? Keep the comments respectful, or they will be gone for a very very long time.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Primary Wrap-up

Gov Dem. - Was anyone suprised by this? The only thing that suprises me is how bad Ed Eisendrath's campaign was. I'm not sure what his point in running was, but someone got rich off it, and it wasn't the people of Illinois.

Gov Rep. - Does Judy Baar remind anyone else of the lady at the end of the bar every night? The one with the raspy voice that is well past her prime? Oh well. Maybe it's just me. I really do expect Rod to win re-election. The only thing the Dem primary served to do is make Rod stronger, not weaker. Yes I said that. Oberweis, please Jim keep running! We love you we really do, see you in '08 pal. Brady - I expect we'll see him in the running to challenge Durbin in 08, good man, too bad about his party. Gidwitz - you scare me, you creepy creepy man.

Treasurer Dem. - In what was not a suprise to me, Star power triumps machine power. Some people billed this as Obama V. Madigan. I billed it more as young up and comer vs. slightly confused will run for anything state's attorney. Luckily the Up and Comer won. Illinois has quite the stable of young candidates and office holders. Hopefully Alexi will add to the ranks.

County Board District 7 - Really does the county board matter? Does it matter who is on their? The same things are going to be done, just my honest opinion. I'll boil it down to this, I dont care.

Cook County Board President - Unfortunately Stroger wins. Not that Claypool is the reformer he claims to be, but he would have been better for the future. I prefer candidates that look to the future, instead of those who grasp the past.

99th District - Cahnman wins over Redpath in the battle of who is less of a sleaze? Can't help but think the Illinois Times article on Redpath's brother helped his defeat, just like Cahnman's proposition helped his victory. Either way, both were headed to defeat in November.

Races you care to talk about?

Just a prediction, but the Dems will hold all the consitutional offices come next January.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Impeachment vs. Censure

Lately news has been made of Sen. Feingold's proposal to censure Pres. Bush for violating FISA, which is the Foreign Intelligence Security Act. Some people, not elected leaders, have pushed for the idea of impeaching President Bush. Here is my two cents on this. Pres. Bush should be censured for in the best of lights, pushing the limits of FISA, the authorization of force in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the doctrine of Executive Power, to limits stretched beyond our wildest dreams. But when it comes to Impeachment I will say this.

"Unlike the Republicans who decided that impeachment would advance their politics, and help them win elections, I believe impeachments on the whole should be reserved for extraordinary situations, and Bush has not reached that limit yet. Yes he has destroyed our standing internationally, weakend our defense, failed to make us safer, but he does not deserved to be impeached."

The Republicans impeachment attempt on Clinton absolutely disguested me. It is my belief that if they thought Clinton was worth impeaching they should stand by their morals and start an impeachment hearing on Bush for the amount of things he has lied about. But they won't they are punks with no backbone who play by the mantra of anything goes for them, if the Democrats try the same, WHY MUST YOU WANT THE TERRORISTS TO WIN? I think Bush is the worst president I have ever seen, but that doesn't deserve impeachment. Suprised Republicans? THere is a place for principle in politics, you should try it sometime.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Guess who's back?

Civil unrest in Iraq.
Spying at home.
SHooting by VP.
This is all to good for me to miss out on. I think I'm back.