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Friday, March 17, 2006

Impeachment vs. Censure

Lately news has been made of Sen. Feingold's proposal to censure Pres. Bush for violating FISA, which is the Foreign Intelligence Security Act. Some people, not elected leaders, have pushed for the idea of impeaching President Bush. Here is my two cents on this. Pres. Bush should be censured for in the best of lights, pushing the limits of FISA, the authorization of force in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the doctrine of Executive Power, to limits stretched beyond our wildest dreams. But when it comes to Impeachment I will say this.

"Unlike the Republicans who decided that impeachment would advance their politics, and help them win elections, I believe impeachments on the whole should be reserved for extraordinary situations, and Bush has not reached that limit yet. Yes he has destroyed our standing internationally, weakend our defense, failed to make us safer, but he does not deserved to be impeached."

The Republicans impeachment attempt on Clinton absolutely disguested me. It is my belief that if they thought Clinton was worth impeaching they should stand by their morals and start an impeachment hearing on Bush for the amount of things he has lied about. But they won't they are punks with no backbone who play by the mantra of anything goes for them, if the Democrats try the same, WHY MUST YOU WANT THE TERRORISTS TO WIN? I think Bush is the worst president I have ever seen, but that doesn't deserve impeachment. Suprised Republicans? THere is a place for principle in politics, you should try it sometime.