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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Blood Transfusion

Underwood of Maroa won election by acclamation as Democratic central committee
chairman while James Gresham of Decatur was unopposed for GOP chairman.Other
Democrat officers elected by acclamation were vice chairman, Louise "Wegi"
Stewart; secretary, R.C. Smith; treasurer, Roger Walker Jr.; and
sergeants-at-arms, Shad Etchason, Annie Williams, Bobbie Mann, Mike Wakeland and
Jim Taylor.

Glad to see this. Well wehat I'm really glad to see is that Chairman Underwood is taking a look into our bylaws and looking to use them, and better yet adopt them to something closely resembling modern times. Kudos to him. Sadly, the MCR's keep plugging away, and I'll be honest I'm a little worried they might do something this next election on the county board level. If they do though, they deserve it because it seems like they are putting work into the project.